What can the LAURDS project do for you?

If you are a Latin American research leader, academic or PhD student, the LAURDS project offers you a range of helpful resources that you can use for free:
Research leaders
In the section Research Strategy and Culture you will find two distinct toolkits for developing research strategy and research culture at your institution. The Research Strategy Development Roadmap (RSDR) and the Toolkit for Research Culture Development (TRCD) helps you assess and gradually strengthen the fundamentals of research at your institution.
In the section Doctoral Support, a Doctoral Supervisor Support Programme will be published during 2017. In addition, the materials in the Research Strategy and Culture section can help you gain new insights into your research context. Finally, please do not hesitate to join the Doctoral Support Network for exchange and peer support.
PhD students
During 2017, the section Doctoral Support will provide you with a Doctoral Student Training Programme. Through the programme, you can develop competencies that will help you not only in your research but also post-graduation career.
In addition, keep an eye open for the upcoming LAURDS conferences for research leaders and PhD students/supervisors. Information will be published here shortly.

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