LAURDS Project ambition is to develop a roadmap for embedding a research strategy, culture and doctoral training and support as part of the institutional activities to improve the quality and sustainability of innovation and new knowledge contributing to the economic and societal growth of the Latin American region.

In order to enhance and support the development of new knowledge the sustainability of contributions of the University sector to the society and economy of Latin America, the project aims to develop the rigour, quality and transferability of Doctoral provision by building the capability and capacity for Doctoral supervision skills and Doctoral student training in Latin American Universities.

Doctoral Supervisors Training Programme

LAURDS Doctoral Supervisors Training Programme aims at developing the competences required by supervisors to guide doctoral students along the process. We have identified four main steps in the process of doctoral supervision:

⓵ Recruiting and inducting your research student

⓶ Establishing roles and working practices

⓷ Supervising the research

⓸ Supporting, motivating and developing students

We are developing several workshops to tackle each of these steps with particular skills and competences. As soon as the material developed for these workshops is pre-tested, we will make it available through LAURDS website.