LAURDS impact is expected to improve the quality, quantity and reputation of the research provision and outputs of Latin American Universities and in the process impact upon the knowledge economy of Latin America and the ability to innovate and grow. In the development stage of the work the partner institutions will use the outputs of the project to test, refine and adapt the tools and techniques to their University and Regional context. This will involve the key stakeholders at close proximity and benefiting almost immediately from any engagements.

As the project nears conclusion, the dissemination strategy will widen the awareness and availability of the tools, techniques and resources to the wider Latin American University sector. This will be developed using the Doctoral network, a website complemented by training and development events, conferences and coaching and advisory sessions offered after the project has been completed. This provides for a lasting impact and sustainable benefits of the project with a legacy which is scalable to more Universities within the partner countries but also beyond into other Regions of Latin America.

As LAURDS Project progresses, the Latin American Doctoral Student Support Network will be available at the website Stay tuned!