The project aim is twofold. Firstly the project aim is to build the capacity of Latin American Universities to develop their research culture and construct focused, relevant and meaningful research strategies which support the need for innovation and new knowledge in the economy. This will underpin the growth of the knowledge economy in Latin America by professionalising the research activity, environment and infrastructure of Universities which underpin the requirements for sustainability and innovation.

Secondly, in order to enhance and support the development of new knowledge the sustainability of contributions of the University sector to the society and economy of Latin America, the project aims to develop the rigor, quality and transferability of Doctoral provision by building the capability and capacity for Doctoral supervision skills and Doctoral student training in Latin American Universities.

The overarching objectives are:

To develop a roadmap for embedding a research strategy, culture and doctoral training and support as part of the institutional activities to improve the quality and sustainability of innovation and new knowledge contributing to the economic and societal growth of the Latin American region.

To develop a sustainable approach to sharing good practice of doctoral support and development in Latin American universities through a doctoral supervisors and students network.

To create a toolkit, roadmap and range of learning and teaching resources tools aimed at supporting the development of research culture, research strategy and doctoral provision.

Add value to the participant Universities’ transferable skills and knowledge in research development, support and training

Underpin the provision of other programmes by building the fundamental research capabilities required to sustain and maximise programme benefits.

The specific objectives are:

1. Identify cases of good practice in Research support and Doctoral provision in Latin American Universities
2. Design of Research Strategy Development Roadmap
3. Develop a toolkit for Research Culture Development
4. Design and Implement a Doctoral Supervisors Support programme
5. Design and implement a Doctoral Students Training Programme
6. Develop a Latin American Doctoral Students Support Network
7. Publish a Doctoral Support Toolkit
8. Publish a book on developing research strategy and culture in Latin American Universities
9. Design, launch and maintain a Doctoral Support website
10. Organise a Research Directors conference
11. Organise a Doctoral student-supervisor conference
12. Explore options to offer joint PhD supervision.