LAURDS aim is to build the capacity of Latin American Universities to develop their research culture and construct focused, relevant and meaningful research strategies which support the need for innovation and new knowledge in the economy. This will underpin the growth of the knowledge economy in Latin America by professionalising the research activity, environment and infrastructure of Universities which underpin the requirements for sustainability and innovation.

Research strategy

Why a research strategy is necessary to engage a long term vision of research in the University?

The research activity in a University can be oriented by different organisational, political, social and academic motivations. However, in order to encompass the efforts of all the stakeholders to achieve the expected impact of research, a strategy must be developed and deployed. The first step to advance in this way consists of understanding the relevance of having a research strategy and how this can help articulate adequately infrastructure, resources and motivations of researchers with the University’s mission, vision and values and the expectations of a globalised knowledge society.

Research culture

What is the ideal of research culture for Latin American Universities?

The research culture is only one of the characteristics of the University environment. However, it is a fundamental element to achieve sustainability in the research activity. Leadership, guidance, support, assistance, adequate resources and incentives are only some of the required elements to build, promote and maintain a really established research culture in which researchers can be called to contribute with the organisational purposes without ignoring their own motivations. An effective research culture cannot be imposed, cannot be enforced because it is embedded in the research community and its individuals.

Indeed, research culture is a prerequisite for a proliferation of creativity, innovations and research curiosity. As a kind of organisational sub-culture, it takes time to evolve and mature. There are many different facets that contribute to the development of research culture at the University and it’s a good thing to identify them. LAURDS Project develops tools in order to understand what gap exists between the current research culture and an effective research culture.

Stay tuned here for more information on LAURDS outcomes regarding tools to identify and implement a research strategy and culture.