Quality Leadership University (QLU) is a private university founded in Panama in 1998 with the mission “To develop at the highest academic level more a better leaders and professionals who will highly contribute to the development of the region”. The University was approved by Executive Decree signed by former President Mireya Moscoso. All academic undergraduate and graduate programs offered by QLU are approved by the Comision Tecnica de Fiscalizacion (Agency in the accreditation system composed by all state universities in Panama), and accredited by Consejo Nacional de Evaluacion y Acreditación Universitaria de Panama (CONEAUPA).
QLU offers since 1998 academic programs in academic cooperation and/or dual degree agreements with prestigious universities of the United States, Chile and Spain. The Partner universities are: University of Louisville from the State of Kentucky (UofL), Florida International University from Miami (FIU), Towson University from the State of Maryland (TU), Universidad de Chile in Santiago de Chile (UChile) and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in Spain (UPM).
In academic cooperation agreement with UofL we offer the first two years of undergraduate general education, a BS in Communications, a Masters in Engineering with Specialization in Engineering Management, a Master of Science in Human Resources and Organizational Development. In academic cooperation agreement with FIU we offer the Professional Master of Business Administration (PMBA). In academic cooperation agreement with TU we offer a BS in Business Administration with major in Management. In dual degree agreement with UChile we offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Marketing (MKT). In dual degree agreement with UPM we offer a Master of Construction Management. We have graduated more than 2,000 student and currently serve a student population of 1,200 students in the above mentioned programs and Executive Education Programs, and English as a Second Language.


QLU synergies from partnering with prestigious recognized universities allow us to cooperate academically, in student and faculty mobility and producing research. Most of the research is conducted by visiting professors and we need to develop our own faculty knowledge and skills in producing quality peer review research. In the project we will serve as an associate partner with the objective to identify through a diagnostic study what are the areas that need to be developed in our faculty to make them grow as researchers for them to be able to conduct, initially joint research with other experienced researchers and finally for them to start producing their own research in the research lines of our university which are Business Reality, Strategic Management, Training for Transformation, and Leadership. We are also in the capacity to partner with European universities to organize the offering of a Doctoral Program in Panama to train not only faculty members from our institution but also from other universities in Panama.