The University of Primorska (UPK) was established in 2003 as a third national university in Slovenia. Its objectives are to generate and to transmit new knowledge based on research and innovations, and to contribute to the sustainable development of local and wider Central European, South-Eastern European and Mediterranean area. The activities of the UP focus on offering quality study programmes at the three levels (Bachelors, Masters and PhD level), on including students in research work and researchers in teaching, on developing strong international relations and international networks in research and education, and on attaining internationally comparable achievements in the field of research and education.
The proposed action are implemented by the Faculty of Management (FM) as a member of the UP. The FM, established in 1995, is a public higher education institution for education and research in the field of social sciences, with special focus on management, economics, and finance. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes (i. e., two undergraduate programmes in management, four master programmes in management, economy and finance, law and sustainable development, and one doctoral programme in management). All study programmes are internationally comparable and encourage student mobility and flexibility through programmes of international co-operation with different higher education institutions. At the moment the Faculty enrols 1000 undergraduate and 700 postgraduate students.
The FM is actively engaged in scientific and research activities. Scientific research and development work takes place in the context of registered research group “Management Research Institute.” With the objective of developing quality research work the Faculty co-operates with higher education and other educational and research institutions on the regional and national level, as well as internationally. The research work is supported with high-quality technology equipment and information system, which meets all the research and professional needs.
In addition to education and research, the basic activities of the FM also include providing consultancy to companies and other organisations, publishing international scientific journals and books, and organising international conferences.


Since its inception the Faculty has developed first rate knowledge about developing curricula for post-graduate study programmes according to the Bologna Process. Besides applying Bologna guidelines there is a basic requirement that PhD study programme supports development of systemic thinking, critical reflection, active participation in decision-making process and understanding of different research paradigms. The Faculty was one of the first higher education institutions in Slovenia that adopted an e-platform to support team work among its students and it has undertook different actions as to promote involvement of postgraduate students within research projects. For example it organises a Festival of Research in Economic and Management (FREM) where students have an opportunity to present and discuss their research work. All these activities are designed with the aim to promote a research oriented culture that results in many publications in the top tier international journals. Faculty. Our gained experience about supporting research work of master and PhD students can be usefully transferred to academic institutions in South America involved in the project.