LAURDS - Latin American University Research and Doctoral Support

LAURDS is an  international project to develop resources to enhance academic research in Latin America. The project is conducted by a consortium of four Latin American and four European partners. It is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

The project has ended in November 2018. However, the activities to deploy the project outcomes will continue for several years after the project end.

We recommend you to create a user profile to unlock all features of the website. Access is limited to Latin American and European academics. Therefore, please complete the registration form and send an email containing your user name to We will activate your access shortly.

Benefits for academic institutions

The LAURDS project offers free of charge resources for developing academic research at Latin American universities:

  • Research Strategy Development Roadmap
  • Research Culture Assessment and Change Management Toolkit

Register for the website following the instructions in order to gain access to the downloadable resources.

Benefits for researchers and doctoral students

The LAURDS project develops offers two key resources for supporting doctoral provision at Latin American universities:

  • Doctoral Supervisor Training Programme
  • Doctoral Student Training Programme

In addition, the LAURDS website provides a platform for international networking among academics. Create an acount and feel free to use the forum to connect with others.

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