Research missions and vision

The institution’s research mission and vision form the foundation of its research strategy. The research mission determines the fundamental purpose of conducting research and answers the question, “What do we want to achieve through our research activities?” The research mission should specify whether the purpose of research may be, for […]

Research culture

Research culture is defined by Hill (1999) as: The many, often subtle, ‘point-sized’ rules and customs of research activity picked up and repeated by organisational members until their actions ‘blend’ into a collective attitude. Within this community the accepted research culture – even if it is unconsciously accepted by many […]

Research strategy

Research strategy refers to a meaningful and explicit plan for an academic institution to align its research-related activities to create a position that allows it to generate and disseminate valuable knowledge. In the LAURDS project, research strategy consists of eight institutional dimensions. These dimensions are shown in the following figure: