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Past events

25-27 September 2018 in Santa Marta, Colombia

LAURDS project presentation

The LAURDS project will be presented at the Universidad del Magdalena in Santa Marta, Colombia. If you wish to join the event or gain further information, please contact us at laurds@laurds.org.

26-27 July 2018 in Panamá City

LAURDS International Conference: Perspectives on Culture, Research Strategies and Doctoral Studies in Latin America

Video: Conference impressions

We invite all Latin American research leaders and researchers to exchange on the following themes:

  1. Institutional Models for Promoting Research
  2. Tuning, Strasbourg and Reforms to Doctoral Studies
  3. Government science and technology agencies and research support in Latin America.
  4. Academic Networks as a mechanism that promotes research.
  5. LAURDS´s contributions to the future of doctoral research in Latin America.

Image: Chrishowey / 123RF.com

26-27 April 2018 in Bogotá

LAURDS International Doctoral Supervisors’ and Students’ Conference

We invite all stakeholders of PhD provision in Latin America to exchange on the following themes:

  1. PhD research for socioeconomic development in Latin America
  2. Good practices in PhD supervision
  3. Research design & methodology in PhD theses
  4. Career perspectives, employability and entrepreneurship of PhD graduates
  5. Work in progress, ideas and think tank papers related to doctoral supervision practices

Image: LAURDS Project