Research missions and vision

The institution’s research mission and vision form the foundation of its research strategy.

The research mission determines the fundamental purpose of conducting research and answers the question, “What do we want to achieve through our research activities?” The research mission should specify whether the purpose of research may be, for example:

  • To generate or disseminate knowledge
  • To grow institutional prestige, reputation or brand
  • To focus on developing elites or promoting civicness
  • To produce economic prosperity
  • To establish a knowledge hub or a center of excellence.

The researh mission can be specified as potential benefits to the institution’s stakeholders. Examples of research mission statements include:

  • To drive regional economic prosperity through enhanced research capability and capacity aligned with business needs
  • To educate employable engineering graduates by ensuring a strong interdisciplinary research-teaching nexus
  • To contribute to nationwide patient well-being by advancing nursing research
  • To understand the national societal circumstances and contribute to good governance through political and social sciences

The research vision refers to how the institution desires to be perceived by its stakeholders within a predetermined time frame, for example after a strategic development cycle. Examples of research vision statements include:

  • To rise among the global top 100 institutions in medical research
  • To become a central contributor to the development of knowledge-based economy in the capital region
  • To become a nationally acclaimed and internationally recognised center of excellence in education research

Furthermore, the research mission and vision can be specified and made actionable through department and project / office level goals. Through such deployment activities, the research mission and vision are embedded in daily research activities.

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