What can the LAURDS project do for you?

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The LAURDS project develops a range of helpful resources for stakeholders of Latin American university research:

Research Leaders

  • Research Strategy Roadmap
  • Research Culture Toolkit
  • Doctoral Resources


  • Doctoral supervisor training course

Doctoral Students

  • Doctoral student training course
For all stakeholders: The LAURDS Research Network

The LAURDS resources are (and will be) available to you free of charge and do not involve any commitment from your side. The LAURDS resouces include the following:

  • Research Strategy Development Roadmap. Ready-to-deploy resource package for conducting a research strategy development project.
  • Research Culture Development Toolkit. Ready-to-deploy instruments for assessing and developing research culture.
  • Doctoral Supervisor Training Course. A learning resource for academics to enhance the outcomes of their PhD supervision. (Available in September 2018.)
  • Doctoral Student Training Course. A learning resource for PhD students to develop their research competency and employability. (Available in September 2018.)

Furthermore, see the events page for information on free of charge LAURDS conferences for research leaders, researchers and PhD students/supervisors.

What are the values and objectives of the LAURDS project?

Universities are often expected to provide a powerhouse of innovation, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing. Universities play a central role in promoting economic growth, as well as social, cultural and political development in Latin America. Currently, many Latin American universities are striving to build their capacities to meet the demands placed upon them and take a leading role in ensuring sustainable development.

The rationale for the LAURDS project is founded on the need for Latin American universities to contribute to the sustainable development their home cities, regions and nations.

The rationale for the LAURDS project is founded on the need for Latin American universities to contribute to the sustainable development their home cities, regions and nations. This requires the capability and capacity to innovate, create valuable research-based outputs and disseminate those outputs so that positive, sustained impacts can be achieved.

The LAURDS project aims at supporting university research and doctoral provision by developing resources for deployment at Latin American universities. The resources draw upon original research and best practices of the consortium of four Latin American and four European universities. The collaboration between the partner universities facilitates a rich transfer of knowledge. Therefore, the developed resources draw upon a diverse base of perspectives, experiences and practices that gives them a truly international and interdisciplinary nature.

The LAURDS research network

One of the LAURDS project's objectives is to establish a network that connects Latin American and European partners interested in developing their research activities. The network will facilitate exchange of good practices in research and the deployment of the LAURDS resources. Through the network, we also expect new national and international research collaborations to emerge and contribute to the research success on individual, institutional, national and international levels.

The network is informal and you may join without any commitment by participating and interacting with the other members. You may engage for example in the following ways:

  • Participate the discussion forum
  • Contact us directly and connect with others on our social media channels (see the contact page)
  • Participate the LAURDS events

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