On this page, you can find the published LAURDS materials. Access to the resources is limited to academic members at Latin American and European universities who have registered on this website.


Instructions for gaining access

  1. Register as a user on the website
  2. Send an email from your work email address to laurds@laurds.org including your:
    • University and job position
    • Username for this website

Soon after receiving your email, our team will soon grant you the access rights to the materials and the below download links become functional.



In this section you can download the LAURDS project deliverables.

Research strategy Development Roadmap (RSDR)

This deliverable contains resources for conducting research strategy improvement projects at academic institutions. The deliverable comprises five files:

  1. Package Overview
  2. Facilitator Handbook
  3. Workshop and Process Templates
  4. Maturity Assessment Questionnaire
  5. Maturity Assessment Analysis Tool


Research Culture Assessment and Change Management Toolkit (RCACMT)

This resource will be added soon.


Doctoral Supervisors’ Training Programme

This resource will be added soon.


Doctoral Students’ Training Programme

This resource will be added soon.